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About Plain Fiction

PLAIN FICTION is a surreal noir thriller currently in post-production, scheduled for release in 2018.

The script for PLAIN FICTION has been in the works for five years. In 2016, Edward and Cyrus founded Sulde Productions in order to bring the story to life as a feature-length film. Over months of preparation, we recruited a fantastic cast and crew of both industry professionals and talented students and began collaborations with people in Boston, New Haven, and Charleston to make this a truly community-driven project. We received grants from Panavision's New Filmmaker Program, Yale University, High Output, nextPix, and scores of individuals, local businesses, and equipment vendors committed to supporting independent film.

After two highly successful shoots in winter and summer 2017, totally 40 days of filming, we wrapped principal photography on 12 July.

As we take on the new challenge of post-production, we are seeking support in many forms. 

How You Can Support

We now have the makings of a fantastic feature-length film all in the can! To date, we have accomplished what we set out to do, keeping the quality of our work, personnel, and equipment extremely high, while remaining within a low budget. We have our sights set on the top independent film festivals for this production, as well as on online distributors such as HBO, Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix, who are making more high-quality content than ever and are on the lookout for independent films with grit and character.

The coming phase, post-production, will be critical in achieving these goals. Here is what lies immediately ahead of us:

First of all, there is the process of editing the film, for which we will partner with a professional, experienced editor. There is also the process of scoring the film's soundtrack. This promises to involve collaborations among a number of excellent composers and musicians, of which our multi-talented director and co-producer, Cyrus, will be one.

As this process unfolds, we will be working tirelessly to explore every avenue available to Plain Fiction. We will be connecting and meeting with production companies and distribution companies, and we will continue to be diligent in expanding our network of people in the film industry to give PLAIN FICTION the greatest exposure we can, even before the festival circuit begins for us.

We are currently raising funds to cover post-production costs. We would love your support as we carry out the next steps in our collective journey. Support comes in many forms. Of course, we need to raise money, but we also want to stress that offering connections to people who might take interest in our project, or simply supporting us with your encouragement, is just as important as financing. As we continue to work hard and make good progress, we count ourselves lucky to have your help and guidance. This takes a village!

With Appreciation,

Edward Columbia & Cyrus Duff

Co-producers of PLAIN FICTION